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Email Marketing for Professionals

Let's explore a few of the features and benefits

Drag it! Drop It! Now that was Easy!

Get your messages out quicker than ever with the easy to use "Drag & Drop" Email Message Designer. Making it easier than ever to communicate with your clients!

Segment your Audience and Send Relevant Information to your Customers!

Our list segmentation tools make it easy to define the best possible audience for the email you’d like to send. There’s no better way to put your customer data to work.

Create dynamic, real-time collections of your subscribers who meet a specific criteria (like zip code, birthday, whether they’ve opened a mailing, etc.) with the most intuitive segment builder in the game.

Automation that increases sales effortlessly!

First Touch Point
Give new subscribers a warm welcome. With an average open rate of 50%, it’s the single most important email you can send. 

Auto-Interval Touch-Point
Personalized emails can lift transaction rates 6 times higher and generate 18 times more revenue than standard newsletters.

Subsequent Touch-Point
An automated nurturing series is key to keeping subscribers engaged — and it results in 47% larger purchases.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics!
Understand your customers on a new level with the real-time open and click rate. See your campaign performance and customer behaviors with your message.

Burkett & Associates'
precise, insightful reporting helps you learn about your audience and use your data. 

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