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Meet with Shane

SHANE E. BURKETT has worked in public and media relations for an array of business and organization types, retail, professional, entertainment, and even political positioning, for nearly 30 years, contributing to the success of Fortune100 companies like Xerox Corporation (XBS), Gabriel Ride Control, Ford Motor Company, and Dollar General Corporation.

Shane is working on a series of books to help small businesses gain better visibility using many techniques he learned working in large corporations. His books are made exclusively available on Apple Books. His third book on Time Management will release in the Spring of 2023. 

Shane is passionate about preserving and maintaining institutional historic theaters, cinemas, and art houses. He serves on the board of directors for the League of Historic American Theatres ( He has been a featured speaker and hosted numerous workshops and seminars at LHAT, Art House Convergence, and INTIX.


Additionally, he is a managing partner at Burkett & Associates, LLC, a communication, brand strategies, and public relations firm serving political figures and legal agencies throughout North America. Burkett & Associates, LLC is based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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Office: (615)

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