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I use my Voice to Encourage

I use my voice to encourage.

When I speak, my goal is for every word to fall on the ears of others like fresh rain on thirsty soil. My speech is rich with encouraging words and stands out in a world full of dry and harsh expressions.

I choose my words carefully to get my point across without negativity. Even when I disagree with someone, I use kind expressions and a non-judgmental tone of voice. My encouraging speech brings hope to people drowning in anxiety and despair.

To speak encouragingly, I brainstorm and practice things I might say to people throughout the day. From a sincere compliment to a thoughtful gesture, I prepare in advance for many situations. The more I practice, the more natural it becomes.

In this age of technology, I can encourage others through various mediums. I bring them hope by sending emails, cards, or notes. Just knowing that I took the time to think of my friends is uplifting to them.

Throughout the day, I send encouraging text messages to friends and family. I may not be able to have a lengthy conversation with them, but I can let them know that I thought of them.

My encouragement goes beyond spoken words. When a friend is trying to accomplish a goal, I lend a helping hand to show my support in a practical way. I make others feel supported by caring enough to help.

Today, I choose to use my voice to build up those around me. I make it my personal goal to use my words to encourage at least three people throughout the course of the day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

• Who can I encourage today?

• How can I be more supportive?

• Which medium can I use today to reach out to someone I love?


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