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Internal Reflections - Becoming a Better Listener.

I pay close attention because I value what other people have to say. The communication process works best for me when I use active listening techniques.

When I speak with someone, I always start by establishing my credibility. I pay close attention and give people time to finish their sentences while they are talking to me.

I have a comfortable disposition, from my body language to my responses. They know they can rely on me to hear what's on their hearts.

Accents and other cultural variations are simple for me to ignore. I show how much I value each person by concentrating on the topic of our talk.

I make eye contact with people when we are conversing to show them that I am listening to what they have to say. I summarised what they said at the end of our chat to make sure I grasped their perspective and to remove any ambiguity.

I suspend my disbelief and pay complete attention to the speaker instead of composing my next sentence. I set aside my feelings and actively participated in the conversation by asking questions of the speaker.

Because communication involves more than just speaking, I pay close attention when I am listening. It entails paying attention to emotions, deciphering spoken words, and analyzing body language.

Conflict can be decreased, cooperation can be strengthened, and understanding can be increased. Contact has an impact on every aspect of my life, including my career and personal connections. My connections get better when I put forth the effort to communicate clearly.

By putting myself aside and appreciating what others have to say, I can communicate better today. I find that when I listen actively, my relationships get better.

Asking Oneself Questions

1. How do I listen attentively to a speaker?

2. How can I hone my listening abilities?

3. How does my body language impact the way I interact with others?


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